StepStone Private Markets Intelligence

SPI™ contributes to more intelligent investments and provides clients deeper insights into our decision-making process.

Smarter Workflows

The number of investment opportunities and complexity of markets have increased significantly in recent years. Limited Partners generally have lean investment teams, which can make covering the whole market challenging. Leveraging SPI™ can help investors scale their resources, enabling them to specialize in activities that add more value, such as focusing on who we believe are best-in-class managers.

Better Decisions

Our investment team leverages a proprietary collection of data to create differentiated analytics and research. The insights gained from meeting with thousands of managers each year and evaluating them on a primary, secondary, or co-investment basis helps to shape and hone our investment thesis.

Broader Coverage

StepStone maintains more than 60 Market Maps illustrating the competitive landscape for various strategies and regions. These maps provide context for manager evaluation by displaying peers and fundraising timing.

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