Responsible Investing

StepStone believes that environmental concerns, social responsibility, and balanced corporate governance (ESG) not only represent important ethical values but can be significant factors in the long-term value creation proposition of an organization, and consequently drivers of investment returns. StepStone has integrated ESG factors in its investment process and considers it to be a core part of its mission to maximize risk-adjusted returns for its clients.

As an investor and allocator of more than $130 billion in private markets, StepStone has a significant voice in the promotion and adoption of ESG standards in numerous business enterprises around the world. In selecting both its investments and the managers that it partners with, StepStone promotes the consideration of ESG standards and issues. As such, ESG matters are incorporated in StepStone’s investment research, analysis, and decision-making process.

StepStone formalized its commitment to ESG by becoming a signatory to the United Nations Principles of Responsible Investing.